Exterior Painting

5 Reasons to Consider Painting Your Hotel

Augusto Alagia
November 10, 2021
Read Time:
2 Minutes

1) Why Hire a Professional Team?

Painting can be an intimidating thing to consider for your hotel business. The scale of the project can seem so vast, especially when you have to stay open during that time. Ultimately, your business is your livelihood, and you should hire a team that will handle the project with care and dedication. In the end, it may cost you a little more, but the job with be done quickly and with great care and will result in the least business downtime.

2) They Use the Right Painting Materials & Processes

A professional painting team will create a safe environment and adhere to industry standard practices. A professional does not second guess the plan of action, and always has the right tools for the job in addition to charging you fair prices for resources.

3) They Won’t Interfere with Guests or Staff

While you may have put off hotel painting due to its potential impact on guests and staff, you can rest assured that high-quality hotel painters will do everything they can to minimize this impact .A top-notch hotel painting company will be willing to work with your schedule including nights and off-season times, plus provide a stealthy painting crew to complete your project perfectly and on time. A professional team will work with you to ensure cleanliness and speed. They will use drop cloths and protective means to minimize messes.

4) They Have Professional Licenses, Liability Insurance & Offer Warranties

It is essential to ensure that your painters are licensed by the state and have all the necessary safety certifications. Make sure your painters have all of the following to ensure you and your painters are protected:

A license issued by your state.

Current safety certifications including Fall Protection & Aerial Lift Operation.

Use proper lifts, scaffolding and ladders to safely reach any height your hotel demands for painting.

Multimillion-dollar general liability insurance coverage to protect you, your guests, your staff and your hotel.

Ability to offer a bond if needed for your particular project.

Full workers compensation.

A warranty that covers both labor and materials provided at the time of your quote.

5) Honesty & Integrity

Doing business with amateur  painters can cost you money, time, and test your patience. Make sure to get a detailed quote before you commence your project. A professional painting company generally does not ask for a deposit, and they will make sure you are satisfied with the product upon successful completion.