Interior Painting

Five Paint Colors for Fall

Ana Beatriz
September 14, 2021
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3 Minutes

Most of the people always love sunshine and warm days, which makes it a little hard to say goodbye to the summer. Even though it’s not easy, we know that the end of summer also brings the start of another season: fall! If your wardrobe changes to reflect the season, why not switch up your decor to match? It’s much easier than you think! With The Captain Painter, renewing your home to match the season can be as simple as bringing in some fall colors.

Arcade White
If you want something minimal, there is no better color than arcade white. Balance out the tones and textures of your home with this balanced white texture with a splash of cream.

Faded Denim
We can’t get enough of faded denim. This desaturated blue works beautifully with light and wood palettes/textures. Make your space more inviting with faded denim today.

Is there anything more cozy and comforting than a cup of coffee on a cool morning? Mocha is a brown shade with a creamy look and it creates the perfect backdrop for highlighting some brighter colors in your accent pieces. It’s a beautiful neutral that adds that warmth, but also gives you a ton of flexibility. It works well with fall oranges, reds, and yellows, but it also pairs well with colors from every season, which means you could easily swap out some accent pieces to give your space a new look throughout the year.

This is a great option for those who like to keep things simple, wheat is a gorgeous neutral option for an all over wall color. It’s almost like white, but it has some depth to it. It’s a perfect backdrop for lighter shades of blue, silvery gray, sage green, and light brown. For a little extra warmth, a creamy white with a hint of yellow is perfect!. Doesn’t matter the color you choose, you can alway count with The Captain Painter to turn those wishes into reality. We have a selected crew of specialists ready to renew your home, just give us a call and schedule your free estimate

This regal shade of purple definitely brings the drama to any space, but it doesn’t feel too overpowering. It would be great in a space used for entertaining, like a formal dining room or living room. This color pairs well with darker wood tones, olive green, and softer neutrals like gray or creamy white.